• Tofte Biomass Hub

    Statkraft’s Tofte site will offer wood pellet, chip storage ahead of Bio Diesel.

    Statkraft has acquired Sodra Cell Tofte, located on Oslofjord, and plans to store wood pellets and wood chips at its industrial site, before constructing a bioliquids production facility.

  • En Plus Heating Pellets

    European Countries are increasing the use of En Plus grade pellets for domestic and commercial heat users. In the UK this is incentivised by the RHI or Renewable Heat Incentive. If your company distributes pellets to domestic or non-domestic RHI end users, and you want to develop new wholesale supply sources, or if you would like to contact us to discuss your proposal, please click below. We are also accredited on the UK’s Biomass Suppliers List (BSL).

  • Industrial Wood Pellets

    We buy and sell industrial grade (“I2”) wood pellets for use as a replacement fuel in coal fired power and district heating boilers. These pellets are also attractively priced for large commercial and industrial (i.e. non-domestic) heat projects under the UK’s non domestic RHI scheme.

  • Agribulks

    Industrial and Municipal heating and power plants like to use PKS, olive pulp, shea meal, sunflower husk pellets, peanut hull pellets etc. These materials are often cheaper on a delivered energy basis than wood pellets. Register here if you can offer these agri-bulks or wish to explore purchasing these materials from Statkraft.

  • Industrial Wood Chips

    Scandinavian Heating plants consume large quantities of locally sourced wet wood chips. Statkraft can offer drier imported wood chips. Or, if you are building a pellet mill, and need a source of drier wood chip, perhaps we can help.

  • Other Deal Types

    In addition to trading biomass, Statkraft can also help you to find value in other types of contract for biomass:

    Storage: If you have an unused warehouse next to a deep water berth at a port, perhaps we can find a use for that space and pay you. And therefore if you need to store your cargo temporarily, call us.

    Break-bulk: If you want to benefit from access to low prices of biomass delivered in bulk, but you cannot buy large volumes, we will try to aggregate your needs with others and our own. Then we can arrange for a large vessel delivery and distribute to multiple users.

With so much financial uncertainty in today's business world, shouldn't you be trading with a solid counterparty? Why not choose Europe's largest renewable energy company?

Why Partner with Statkraft?

Dedicated experienced biomass team adding value to your team – low costs and high availability.

Portfolio benefits – access to diverse biomass sources and customers in key markets.

European marketing network to almost all of Europe’s renewables market.

Flexible and innovative contract structures and solutions.

Independent – no existing positions (pellet mills or boilers).

Strong credit. Long term partner able to use balance sheet.

CSR integrity of renewables, PEFC / FSC™ Certified for Chain of Custody.

Reputation - Statkraft is a European leader in renewable energy.


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